ADF Sound System

ADF sound system full crew 2015

In parallel with their legendary live band, Asian Dub Foundation still performs in the original sound system format: an ADF official show, but in a dimension more suitable for clubbing and little stages.
Asian Dub Foundation Sound System brings on the dancefloor all their famous militant cross-over fury, with several historical members of the band alongside new guests, in a flexible line up filled with djs, mcs, singers and musicians from the ADF camp.
The sound system has always been part of the ADF history from the very beginnings, and it represents the chance to listen unreleased remixes old and new, gems from their repertoire as well new upcoming sounds all in one definitive and captivating show.
Jungle, drum&bass, rap, reggae and asian sounds are the ingredients of their musical selections, mixed in a skilled and exciting style by John Pandit aka Pandit G, and powered by the raw and charismatic mcs spitting out bars and vocals onto the typical sound system ritual.


Original founder of the group alongside the bassist Dr Das in 1993, dj John Pandit is one of the most relevant figures in bass music and alternative culture of the last 20 years in UK.
AKTAV8OR (mc and dj)
Aktivator is the actual frontman and singer in the live band, and he’s with ADF since he was a little boy. Very good as dj as well.
One of the biggest reggae voices of the UK since early 90’s, Ghetto Priest has taken vocal duties for ADF since their masterpiece “Enemy of the Enemy” and now’s bringing his lyrical fire on stage with the Sound System too.
Sonny is a newcomer in the ADF family. He’s very young but established solo artist in UK, with his original style blending rap and poetry, with a wild and stunning energy on stage.