UK tour dates for our new live soundtrack to George Lucas’s film THX 1138

12063384_10153373575159915_4214463800006732209_nWe will be touring all over the UK with our special project dedicated to the George Lucas’s 1971 visionary cult movie THX 1138.
After the live premiere at Barbican in London during the last June we will be performing nationwide with 9 new gigs from the 17th to the 27th of October: Edinburgh, Gateshead, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol,Cambridge, Basingstoke, Nottingham and Brighton. Stay tuned on ADF frequencies!


Steve Chandrasonic, guitar
Dr Das, bass
Brian Fairbairn, drum
Nathan Fluteboxer Lee, flute & beatbox

See here the full  Video Trailer of the THX 1138 UK Tour.